Welcome to My World

I’m a graduate of The Kubert School. Upon graduation, I began working as a production artist for a printer of medical bills and prescription order forms, and yes, it was as fulfilling and interesting a job as it sounds. Of course, it was meant to be temporary until I hit it big in the world of comic art. Comic art fame wasn’t meant to be in the mid-1980s and I left the job and pursued a more creative path.

I’ve worked as a furniture designer, production artist, graphic designer, and freelance illustrator. I enjoyed a brief stint as a colorist for DC Comics in 1986—two whole pages—and created artwork for local companies. Once upon a time, I was hired was hired as an artist for the Official Del Vikings, the 50s group famous for the songs Come and Go with Me and Whispering Bells. About a year later I finally achieved my childhood dream of getting paid to draw Spiderman; albeit for a t-shirt production company and I only created the hand tag logo with Spiderman’s face on it.

Like most artists, real life got in the way and I“retired” from illustrating and devoted my talents to the corporate graphic design world; but the world of comics kept calling him back. In 2016 I returned to the comic book world as a graphic novelist as the creator, writer, artist of Faith Fallon, a creator-owned series published by Insane Comics.

Currently, I’m a freelance illustrator, designer, presentation specialist, consultant and all around swiss army knife of talents. I live in Norwalk, CT with my wife and three children.