Welcome to My World

I’m a graduate of The Kubert School. Upon graduation, I began working as a production artist for a printer of medical bills and prescription order forms, and yes, it was as fulfilling and interesting a job as it sounds. Of course, it was meant to be temporary until I hit it big in the world of comic art. Comic art fame wasn’t meant to be in the mid-1980s and I left the job and pursued a more creative path.

I’ve worked as a furniture designer, production artist, graphic designer, and freelance illustrator. I enjoyed a brief stint as a colorist for DC Comics in 1986—two whole pages—and created artwork for local companies. Once upon a time, I was hired was hired as an artist for the Official Del Vikings, the 50s group famous for the songs Come and Go with Me and Whispering Bells. About a year later I finally achieved my childhood dream of getting paid to draw Spiderman; albeit for a t-shirt production company and I only created the hand tag logo with Spiderman’s face on it.

Like most artists, real life got in the way and I “retired” from illustrating and devoted my talents to the corporate graphic design world; but the world of comics kept calling him back. In 2016 I returned to the comic book world as a graphic novelist as the creator, writer, artist of Faith Fallon, a creator-owned series published here https://www.drivethrucomics.com/browse/pub/13689/Thought-And-Vision-Press 

Currently, I’m a freelance illustrator, designer, presentation specialist, consultant and all around Swiss army knife of talents. I live in Norwalk, CT with my wife and three children.